Blockpit acquires Accointing!
Simply migrate your Accointing data onto a new Blockpit account by following these instructions.
As a Accointing user, registered before 7th November 2023, you receive free unlimited licenses for all tax years prior to 2023 - even if you didn't have an Accointing license yet!
We also want to assure you, that the Accointing platform will remain active until January 31st, 2024. So, if you prefer the old way of handling your 2023 taxes, you still have that option.

Harvesting Crypto Losses Has Never Been Easier

Accointing’s Trading Tax Optimizer has helped tens of thousands of savvy crypto traders around the US identify tax-optimized trades to lower their tax liability throughout the year.

Our tool gives you a glance at all your unrealized gain and loss positions across your various assets, so you can easily decide what coins you should sell and when.


Has your portfolio been crushed by the LUNA crash?
Hurry up and save money!

Check out this article on how to use the Trading Tax Optimizer and harvest your losses!

Accointing services you can use:

Connect 400+ wallets & exchanges

On either your phone or desktop, you can automatically connect all your wallets and exchanges. You can track the performance of all your coins in real time, and easily manage your portfolio.

Get a glance at your entire crypto portfolio

Use our intuitive dashboard to visualize your portfolio’s perfomance. Check out your token’s buy and sell dates, average purchase price, and net profit! Also, you can compare your performance to other crypto traders and hodlers, create coin lists, and tailor price alerts.

Easily file your crypto taxes

It only takes 5 clicks to get your customized crypto tax report for your country. We generate the Form 8949 to fill your Schedule D Form, a TurboTax file to drag and drop online, and a crypto tax report for your CPA in under 5 minutes.

Accointing Perks

No ads. Ever

Our app is free from ads.

Unlimited import

Track all your coins for free. Anywhere.

Fast & easy to use

Generate a tax report in five clicks.