Blockpit acquires Accointing!
Simply migrate your Accointing data onto a new Blockpit account by following these instructions.
As a Accointing user, registered before 7th November 2023, you receive free unlimited licenses for all tax years prior to 2023 - even if you didn't have an Accointing license yet!
We also want to assure you, that the Accointing platform will remain active until January 31st, 2024. So, if you prefer the old way of handling your 2023 taxes, you still have that option.

Harvesting losses to reduce your tax burden has never been easier

Our Tax Loss Harvesting (TLH) tool provides a comprehensive overview of all your unrealized gains and losses across all assets. As a result, you can easily identify which coins to sell to offset capital gains and reduce your tax bill.


What are some of the benefits of the TLH tool?

Fast and easy to use

Quickly identify optimization opportunities in your portfolio.

Save taxes

Minimize your tax bill by effectively harvesting your losses.

Peace of mind

Know that you are doing everything possible to optimize your crypto taxes.

Understanding the Tax Loss Harvesting Tool

feature description

Our TLH tool allows you to see which of your coins have unrealized losses and helps you sell them for the greatest tax benefit.

It organizes your coins by wallet and then by tax lots, so you can easily see which ones have the potential to generate losses and reduce your tax bill by selling them at the right time.

Tax Loss Harvesting Tool Walkthrough

Start saving hundreds to thousands of dollars by optimizing your trades today!