Crypto Tax Calculator

The US Crypto tax calculator

We have created the most accurate bitcoin and crypto tax calculator in the market for US crypto investors to generate reliable crypto tax reports to use for purposes of filing their Income Tax Return.

How simplifies your crypto tax filing

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Automatically classify and calculate your crypto taxes

Whether you’re into DeFi staking, margin trading or mining and trading, with the review tool you can easily classify all of your transactions for taxes, specific to US tax laws and regulations.

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Identify possible tax-saving opportunities

With Trading Tax Optimizer, optimize your transactions by knowing which tokens have been held for more and less than a year. This will help you harvest losses.

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Easily file all your crypto taxes

It only takes 5 clicks to get your customized crypto tax report for the US. We generate a Crypto Tax Report with a summary of all your taxable trades and income, as well as supplementary files such as Form 8949 in both pdf and csv format to assist you in completing your own Form 8949, gains and losses csv files, a daily balance report and import files for tax tools such as Turbo Tax.

All relevant tax documents for the US requirements:
Form 8949, TurboTax file, full audit report, and a full data set file with all your transactions

Full tax report

We provide an entire breakdown of all your transactions in a consolidated report based on the US tax laws and regulations

Form 8949 (for Schedule D)

We generate a Form 8949 which includes all your taxable sales and trades for the tax year and provide it in both a sample pdf Form 8949 & csv file

TurboTax file (online version)

We generate TurboTax files based on all your taxable sales and trades so you can drag and drop it in TurboTax Online (csv file) or TurboTax Desktop (txf file)

Full data set export (.csv)

We generate a file with all your transactions so you can easily review them in Excel or Google Sheets

Daily Balance Report

We generate a report showing your balance by day at each wallet or exchange so that you can comply with any foreign reporting requirements crypto tax advisor network in the US

Learn how can help you with your taxes FAQ

Yes. You may also need to pay taxes on any other cryptocurrency that you have sold or traded in the past and report them accordingly. The IRS has submitted several John Doe Summons to several exchanges which allows them to have access to information about your current crypto holdings.For more information refer to the IRS official guidance.

Yes. Every crypto to crypto transaction generates a taxable event. However, buying crypto with fiat doesn’t generate a taxable event.For more information refer to theIRS official guidance.

Through our software, we manage to calculate your taxable income and gains based on your entire transaction history. You can automatically import all your transactions from over 300 wallets and exchanges, via APIs or Xpubs or manually input them via a provided Excel template. This will allow us to consolidate and calculate your taxable income and gains.For more information refer to the IRS official guidance.

For API keys we explicitly ask for read-only access and encrypt this data as user-specific. Users can delete their whole account including all collected data at any point in time. The company headquarters is located in Switzerland, so our customers‘ data is correspondingly secure against legal queries. The system is ongoingly checked (among other things) for all points of the OWASP Top-10.For more information refer to the IRS official guidance.

Start filing your crypto taxes today

It only takes you 20 minutes to file your crypto taxes with our easy guided process