From crypto chaos to tax compliance in 5 clicks flat

With 400+ blazing fast integrations across exchanges, wallets, blockchains and services, our platform helps you get your crypto taxes done without a hassle. Start today and generate your 100% Belastindienst compliant crypto tax report.


Stay compliant in the Netherlands. Accointing helps you track and file taxes, from Bitcoin to DeFi and NFTs, and everything in between.

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Easily file your crypto taxes.

Get your Dutch crypto tax report in just 5 easy steps. Available in FIFO, LIFO and HIFO, our reports are based on widely accepted crypto tax principles around the world.

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Instantly import all your transactions.

With over 300 integrations to major wallets and exchanges, you can automatically calculate all of your gains and losses.

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Review your crypto portfolio and gain valuable insights.

Analyze your performance with a deep-dive of your transaction history across the cryptoverse, in real-time.

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Get insights into the crypto market and influence the space.

Review the performance of the overall crypto market, set up alerts, research trending tokens, and share your thoughts with a curated, personal token list on Twitter.

One Platform for all your Crypto Tax needs.

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Geoffrey Miller


Crypto folks: I've tried 3 crypto tax apps on the same 2021 transaction data:

@accointing, @koinly, & @TokenTax.

Of these, @accointing is best at tracking portfolios, transactions, & cost bases, & minimizing capital gains (e.g. with HIFO method).

Might save you a lot, FWIW.

Sabri Goldberg


Best Crypto Tax report software?

My favorite is @accointing.

New Kids On The Blockchain


Looking for solid software to help report your crypto taxes? , check out @accointing we have been using this for the last year and makes life so much easier to produce ready to go tax reports. If you need more help , then speak to @crypjo091. Get your #cryptotaxes in order !!



I just paid my taxes - big thanks @accointing for making it easy and flawless.



Holy s*** @accointing is sooo good!

Crypto Saitama


Starting to upload my tax documents to my CAD. Legally getting robbed Jesus. Still the best tool for creating your tax report @accointing! Love you guys, you made this process really comfortable and incredibly easy to use. I tried all the platform and none worked like yours.

Alberto BR


Of all the platforms I have tried to track my #cryptocurrency portfolio, @accointing is the best for me. They don't pay me anything for saying this, but when a company gives a good service it is to be a good customer to recognize it.



For everyone asking, I’ve been working on this all day The best solution I’ve found is @accointing. Specifically the ability to sync your metamask directly to it. Alleviated a ton of the confusing txns that gave other services trouble. They have decent cross-chain support too.

🌲🌳JPRME / JPRM3 🦀🦞


I don't know who needs to hear this but @accointing is super useful for tracking the entirety of your #Crypto holdings. Just noticed I'm in the green on almost everything again on @coinbase. Love that! Anyways, if anyone wants give Accointing a try:



Two tweets about tax today… sign of the apocalypse but this is super useful for the #AVAX fam. Plus the @accointing guys have had my back since day 1

Dan Cockerton


For any accountants that have clients who trade crypto, I would recommend taking a look at @accointing for streamlining the taxable gains/losses



Big shout-out to @accointing for not just helping me but also my CPA to get this taxes filed correctly

Available in many countries, I highly recommend it. This was me before using Accointing now I am relaxed



@accointing you saved my ass