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Accointing is the only cryptocurrency tax calculator that fully complies with HMRC’s crypto tax guidance.


How Accointing simplifies your crypto tax filing

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Automatically classify and calculate your crypto taxes

Whether you’re into DeFi staking, margin trading or mining and trading, with the review tool you can easily classify all of your transactions for taxes specific to the UK.

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Easily file all your crypto taxes in the UK

Generate capital gains and income tax report on all your crypto transactions in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Easily obtain all the relevant information to file your Self Assessment Capital Gains Summary (SA108) to be included with your SA100 Self Assessment Tax Return.

All relevant tax documents for the UK requirements:

Full tax report

Full tax report

We provide an entire breakdown of all your transactions in a consolidated report based on the UK tax regulations

Full data set export (.csv)

Full data set export (.csv)

We generate a file with all your transactions so you can easily review them in Excel or Google Sheets

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Accointing FAQ

Yes. Cryptocurrencies are subject to both capital gains and income taxes. All your crypto to crypto transactions and all your token sales are subject to capital gains tax. Airdrops, staking and mining are taxed as income. For more information, clickhere.

You’ll need to separate all your transactions into capital gains transactions and income transactions. Then you’ll need to specify the buy and sell date of your assets. Finally, you’ll need to calculate the amount you’ll need to pay on Capital Gains Taxes and income tax based on your tax bracket. Accointing helps you do all this automatically.

Accointing connects with all your wallets and exchanges, gathers your buy and sell dates and the cost basis for each transaction as well as the transaction type and by leveraging on a 30-day ruling, it is able to estimate your income and capital gains tax.

For API keys we explicitly ask for read-only access and encrypt this data as user-specific. The users can delete the whole account including all collected data at any point in time. The company headquarters is located in Switzerland, so our customers' data is correspondingly secure against legal queries. The system is ongoingly checked (among other things) for all points of the OWASP Top-10.

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