Accointing for Professionals

Our platform allows you to manage your clients' crypto taxes easily with the best data importer, crypto portfolio tracker, reliable tax reports, and leading tax planning tools.

How Accointing helps you support your clients' crypto tax needs

Easy data input and connections

Connect with any crypto exchange, wallet, or blockchain your clients use to have access to tax reports, portfolio tracking, and tax planning tools. Add their transactions with our best-in-class importer using API connections or CSV files.

Crypto portfolio tracking & insights tool

Keep track of the realized and unrealized gains of your client's crypto portfolio at all times. Track the total value of assets in real-time.

The most accurate tax reports

We provide you and your clients with the best possible tax output, specific to every country’s taxation law and regulations.

Tax planning tools

Use our Tax Loss Harvesting tool to optimize your client's taxes.

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