The Australian crypto tax report calculator is the only cryptocurrency tax calculator partnered with BDO that is fully compliant with ATOs crypto tax guidance.

How simplifies your crypto tax filing...

Automatically classify and calculate your crypto taxes

Automatically classify and calculate your crypto taxes

Whether you’re in DeFi staking, margin trading or simply mining and trading frequently, the review tool, allows you to easily classify all your transactions for taxes, specifically for your country’s tax law.

Identify possible tax-saving opportunities

Identify possible tax-saving opportunities

With the holding period tool, you can easily review those tokens that have been held more than 1 year and those that have been held for less so you can optimize your taxable gains by trading those tokens that generate a bigger loss.

The easiest way to file your crypto taxes in Australia

The easiest way to file your crypto taxes in Australia offers the easiest way to file your crypto taxes. In only 5 clicks, you can acces your ATO-compliant crypto tax report that helps you calculate your capital gains as well as your taxable income

All relevant tax documents for Australian requirements:
Full audit report and a complete data set file with all your transactions separated for your personal income tax

Full tax report
Full tax report
We provide an entire breakdown of all your transactions in a consolidated report based on the Australia tax regulations
Full data set export (.csv)
Full data set export (.csv)
We generate a file with all your transactions so you can easily review them in Excel or Google Sheets crypto tax advisor network in Australia


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Do I need to pay taxes on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Australia?
Yes. In March 2020, the Australian Taxation Office released 300,000 letters targeting Australian cryptoholders advising them to pay their capital gains tax on their cryptocurrencies. There is an ongoing effort from ATO to pursue those cryptoholders that own taxes.
How are cryptocurrencies taxed in Australia?
Selling cryptocurrencies is subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT-tax you pay on the difference between the Australian Dollar (AUD) value of the asset disposed at the time of the sale minus the AUD value of the disposed asset at the time it was acquired). Crypto to crypto trading is subject to CGT as well. Non-CGT events such as receiving crypto DeFi income, Airdrops, Staking are considered ordinary income.
How do you calculate crypto taxes in Australia? will take the cost basis of the moment you purchased your cryptocurrency and the time you sold it and estimate your capital gains tax based on the difference between the two amounts and the time the asset was held (in Australia, any cryptocurrency held for longer than a year is only taxed for 50% of its amount)
How does help me with my crypto taxes in Australia? is a crypto tax tool that created a specific tax report for Australians trading cryptocurrency. It allows you to keept track of all your transactions for free and generate as many reports as you please with our yearly licenses.
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