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checkmarkFile up to 100 transactions*



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checkmarkFile up to 1,000 transactions*

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*Tax reports can only be generated for portfolios with less than 50,000 transactions.


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All of our packages include the features below

Portfolio TrackingTrack your entire crypto portoflio in one place, across all of your assets
Portfolio Performance vs. OthersSee how your market performance compares to other Accointing users
Token Gains Performance ChartView the performance of all of your tokens in a performance chart
Price AlertsSet up custom alerts for price changes
Crypto Market ChartsFollow the crypto market with beautiful, interactive charts
User Portfolio ListsSeparate your portfolio into custom list views
Market SentimentAnalyze the overall crypto market sentiment with our analysis tool
Fiat Currency SettingsChoose your local fiat currency to view your holdings in amounts you recognize
Social Portfolio SharingEasily share your portfolio allocations to friends across social media
Tax Software SupportWe integrate with many of the most popular tax filing software
Rare Currencies SupportYou can manually adjust pricing details of any asset
NFT SupportManually track the purchase and sell price of your NFT positions
Historical Data ImportHave trading data from years ago? Easily import all of your trading data history
Automatic Exchange ConnectionAutomatically import your transaction history via API, from over 400 exchanges
Automatic Blockchain ConnectionAutomatically import your transaction history from the blockchain
Classification & Transaction ReviewEdit how your transactions are classified, to optimize the accuracy of your tax report
Total Transaction History ExportEasily export your transaction history into a csv file
Rare Transaction HandlingWe handle ICOs to OTC to Mining, Airdrops, Rewards, Staking and more
FIFO, LIFO and HIFOChoose your tax treatment method, to optimize your tax filing
Country Specific CalculationsOur reports follow Australian tax guidance for crypto

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Rare Currencies

Complex trading strategies? You can edit any and all transaction details to ensure your tax report is accurate.

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We have a team of CPAs that ensure our tax code is up to date.

Detailed Explanatory Guides

We're always creating content on how to simplify the process of filing your crypto taxes.

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You can print an unlimited amount of tax reports for the year that you want. Your yearly report allows you to generate as many tax reports as you want for the selected year.

Yes. Accointing calculates capital gains and losses and follows tax guidelines when generating each tax report. Export your TurboTax file from Accointing for complete filing compliance to the ATO.

Yes! You can upgrade anytime you want and just pay the difference. We also have a "30 day money back guarantee" policy.

Yes! You can generate a free tax report with up to 25 transactions and also use our free crypto tracker.

A transaction is any trade, transfer, deposit, withdrawal or movement between different blockchain technologies that take part in wallets, exchanges, brokers or any other type of crypto technology.

Our customers most commonly use these reports for: Tax Reporting, AML, FBAR, or Audits.