From crypto chaos to tax compliance in 5 clicks flat

Compliant with the ATO and trusted by Australian tax professionals and traders alike, Accointing offers the most accessible crypto tax and portfolio tracking platform on the market.


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How Accointing helps you track and file your taxes, from Bitcoin to DeFi to NFTs, and everything in between

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Instantly import all your transactions

We’ve implemented over 300 integrations so far to help you automatically calculate your gains and losses.

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Review your crypto portfolio and obtain valuable insights

Analyze your performance and deep-dive on your transaction history across the cryptoverse, all in real-time.

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The easiest way to file your crypto taxes in Australia

Accointing offers the easiest way to file your crypto taxes. In only 5 clicks, you can calculate and report your gains or business income tax and file an ATO-compliant tax report.

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Explore the crypto market and influence the crypto space

Review and compare your performance against 120,000 traders, research the top trending tokens, and personalise your token lists to stay ahead of the game!

One Platform for all your Crypto Tax needs