Know the tax consequences of your crypto trades

Trading crypto is easy, but figuring out your taxes is hard. Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in taxes simply using the Trading Tax Optimizer (TTO) before you trade.

What are some of the benefits of TTO?

The Trading Tax Optimizer (TTO) is a great tool for those traders looking to optimize their crypto taxes. Here are some of the benefits.

Fast and easy to use
Check trades on TTO immediately before you trade.
Tracker integrated
Use Accointing Crypto Portfolio Tracker with your Trading Tax Optimizer.
Tax tool integrated
Use the Accointing Crypto Tax Calculator with your Trading Tax Optimizer.
Ready for taxes
When it comes time to file taxes, you have already optimized your taxes - faster filing, less stress.
Peace of mind
Know that you are doing everything possible to optimize your crypto taxes.
Low cost
Temporarily available for free as part of your crypto tax package. Low risk, high rewards.

Trader testimonial

Here’s how TTO helps you save thousands of dollars in taxes a year.

How does the Tader Tax Optimazer work?

1. Prepare your trading rules as business as usual

1. Prepare your trading rules as business as usual

Whether you are following a trading algorithm, using suppport and resistance levels, using Fibonacci bands, you own trading strategy or looking for answers in a influencers Twitter feed, you can keep doing you.

2. Set you tax goals

2. Set you tax goals

Set up some goals in terms of what you would like to achieve with your tax trading optimization. You can do this on your own or with a tax accountant. Here are soe concrete examples:

  • Reduce taxable income in the current year.
  • Increase taxable crypto income to offset againsts other losses.
  • Create specific taxable income targets to apply to different tax breakers.
  • Harvest your losses (Tax-loss harvesting)

3. Use the Trading Tax Optimizer

3. Use the Trading Tax Optimizer

Before you execute your trades, use the Trading Tax Optimizer to tell you how to execute your trades to best meet your goals.

4.  Adjust and execute your trading strategy

4. Adjust and execute your trading strategy

Decide when to buy and sell based on your insight from the TTO tool and the your pre-defined market triggers for your trading and investment goals. At the end of the year, enjoy hundreds or even thousands in tax savings over what you would have paid if you hadn’t optimized your trading for taxes.

Who is TTO for?

The Trading Tax Optimizer (TTO), is a tool designed for every type of crypto user who is looking to optimize their trading strategy and lower their tax liability. TTO works with every type of trader:

Are you new in the space or are you only trading crypto every once in a while? If this is you, make sure to check out the case study below and find out how this student managed to save over $3,000 in crypto taxes by using TTO.
High Net Worth
Are you heavily invested in crypto? Did you survive 2017 and 2019 and now you’re just reaping the rewards? Learn how this lawyer managed to save 60% in taxes by using TTO.
Tech Enthusiast
Have you been investing in different DeFi platforms, staking, creating liquidity pools, or yield farming? Check out how this software engineer managed to put together a tax trading strategy to minimize his taxes with TTO.
Start saving hundreds to thousands of dollars by optimizing your trades today!